Friday, 15 June 2012

Funny Pictures & video from Euro 2012 football

They dont wear any top. Just painted their favourite Jersey.
  2012 UEFA European Football Championship will be the 14th in the history.
• For the first time in the history the European Football Tournament will be held in the Eastern Europe.
• EURO 2012 will be the last with 16 teams in the final part. Beginning from the EURO 2012 there will be 24 finalists.
• The estimated value of the Cup made with pure silver that will get the winner is € 20.000. Its height – 60 cm, weight – 8 kg.
• One month before the EURO in Ukraine and Poland, the UEFA will lease 8 stadiums that will hold the matches. Therefore, the Union of European Football Organizations will pay the arena’s owners the rent during 2.5 months.
• The biggest of the host-stadiums in Ukraine will be National Sports Complex “Olympic” in Kyiv. It will have capacity about 70.000 spectators. The smallest arena is in Lviv and it can seat some 34 thousand fans.

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 Best part of Euro 2012 is fight between Polish and Russian fans.

Holland fan

Hollan tiger

windmill from Holland

England fan

He spent lots of money to travel from France to Ukraine and to buy tickets to sleep in the pavillion

Cheerful Germans

So sad - Greece fans

Only economy is in crisis


Irish Fan

Nice to hug a boy dressed as girl

Who cares about football

Portugese Fan

English people love thier queen...

Russian fan

tasteless Russian

Swedish fan

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