Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Selected SMS Jokes

If you think your
Teacher or
is Strict or
Harsh on you...
Wait for a Wife...
You would love them all...!!

Dreams are not those
which are seen during sleep in the nights,
Dreams are those
which do not let you sleep.

Memories Behave In A Crazy Way… They Leave You Alone When You Are In The Crowd But When You Are Alone, They Stand Around You Like A Crowd….

Most Of Us Work On The Principle Of Rockets…
It Doesn’t Necessarily Mean.. We Aim For The Sky….
It Simply Means That We Don’t Start Working Unless The Ass Is On Fire..!!

Post Graduation Speech- “First, I’d Like To Thank #GoogLe…… SecondLy, I’d Like To Thank Copy And Paste..!!”

Easily achieved things do not stay longer
Things which stay for longer are not easily achieved
True in all cases from success to relationship…

Wife Hints To Husband At a New Car Saying-
Buy Me Somthing That Goes 0 To 80 In 3 Seconds When I m On It
Gifted Her A
Weight Machine!

A man got two wishes from God.
He asked for the best Drink and Best Woman.
The next moment he got Bisleri and Mother Teresa.
Moral of the story – Investment matters are subject to market risks.
Please read the offer document carefully before investing..

In Life Love Is Neither Planned
Nor Does It Happen For A Reason…
But When The Love Is Real
It Becomes Your Plan For Life
And Reason For Living..!

I may not be the 'perfect friend',
I also may not be the "best' of them all,
but I am the one who wanna see u
*happy forever*.

Facebook is the second
most popular word that
starts with "F" and ends
with "K".
Can anyone tell me the first word?

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