Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Mere thought of you Suffocates me

You are the most precious thing
I have in this world
You are the one
My reason for living
My reason for being
Between you and me
The distance is widening
Sound of your laughter
Still echo in my heart
I am here! Where are you?
I have none in this world
But you dear baby
Mere thought of you
Suffocates me; strangle me
The best days with you
Came to an abrupt end
for no reason, baby
Come back baby come back
And fill the vacuum


Anonymous said...

kavithai is nothingbut a pulambal.............? I mean your pulambal?! LOL.

valmiki said...

Frustration finds many ways to express its vagaries...

Anonymous said...

fucking poem, fist u need to know abt writing tamil poems okk

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