Saturday, 17 September 2011

அவன் - அவள் SMS நகைச்சுவை

The perfect boyfriend
doesn’t cheat,
doesn’t smoke,
doesn’t drink,
doesn’t lie,
and doesn’t exist!!


அருகில் இருக்கையில்
கிடைக்கும் இன்பத்தைவிட
தொலைவில் இருக்கையில்
நினைவுகள் தரும் இன்பம்
மிகப் பெரிது
நம்முடைய வலி
சிரிப்பாக இருக்கலாம்
நம் சிரிப்பு
வலியாகக் கூடாது.

U r a part of a puzzle of someone else’s life.
U may never know where u fit but remember that
someone else’s life may never be complete without U in it,
So enjoy being special!!!

A question from a girl;
Hey guys what makes you different than anyone else?
Prove to me you are unique!
because the only difference i see in guys,
is they all got different names..

கொடியில் பூத்த பூ மல்லிகை
செடியில் பூத்த பூ ரோஜா
என் மடியில் பூத்தது பூ அவள்

When another girl steals your guy
do not worry; there is no better revenge
than to let her keep him.

My heart beats so fast it won’t calm down
I feel like I cannot breath
I get nervous and I feel like I am on air
I do not know what is going on! anymore!
I really hate it, this has never happened to me before!
I hate this, what did you do to me!
I really hate you !!!
The answer came back really quickly saying
Yeah, I already know that.
I Hate You TOO.

Unbelievable!! You are the first person ever to appear in my life and actually able to make me a mess !!!
.... sounds like romantic and irritating at the same time

Usually boys believe in what they see and
girls believe in what they hear,
that is why ....
boys lie and girls wear make up

A simple Hi can make some 1 feel worthwhile,
A little silence can change things all over,
A simple NO! can hurt so much,
A small mistake can haunt you 4 the rest of your life,
A single memory can make u cry like crazy,
A word YES can change some1’s entire life,
A phrase I love you can make u feel u own the world,
And a text sms sent with so much love and care make some1’s Day!
So keep texting ! ...

Sometimes you meet someone and
before you know who are they, or
where they are from or even without knowing their name,
you get a feeling that sometime in the future
this person is going to mean something to you!!!

The first Person that u think of in the morning is
either the cause of ur Happiness
or the cause of ur Pain.

Boys get mad easily, but usually do not show it.
Girls get sad easily and can cry like crazy! ...
Boys care about the quantity of love!.
Girls care about the quality of love ...
Boys can forget, but can not forgive.
Girls can forgive, but can not forget! ...
Boys can never reject a girl’s add friend request
But girls often reject it just to feel powerful!!
Boys prefer the phrase "Boys vs Girls"
Girls INSIST on saying "Girls vs Boys" !!


பனித்துளி சங்கர் said...

அனைத்தும் அருமை .

கும்மாச்சி said...

அனைத்தும் நன்றாக இருக்கிறது. படங்கள் சூப்பர்.

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