Friday, 22 April 2011


Most Lovable Kiss: Mother's,
Sweetest Kiss: Girlfriend's,
Cute Kiss: Sister's,
Hottest Kiss: keep your lips on the bike silencer!

You are the most SENTIMENTAL friend of mine:
One percent SENTI
Ninety Nine Percent MENTAL!

I want you to be with me on a cheerful night,
in a nice restaurant,
candlelight dinner,
superb menu,
and say the 3 important words to you.

You are so far away from me,
many hundreds of miles.
Yet, I see you every day in the following TV Channels:
Animal Planet.
National Geographic.
Cartoon Network.

You are so cute my dear friend:
C: Causing.
U: Unnecessary.
T: Trouble.
E: Everywhere.

Tomorrow I am undergoing a brain transplant operation.
I would like to use your brain.
Can you please give it?
Because I always use only unused stuff!

Hilarious Joke Message SMS
Secrets for a happy and healthy life:
Get a girlfriend who cooks well.
Get a girlfriend who takes care well.
Get a girlfriend who looks well.
And most of all make sure that these three girls don't meet each other!

Please select one of the following days:
And kindly take a bath at least on that one day because I can't tolerate bad smell.

When life is going wrong,
when relations break up,
when sorrow engulfs you,
when tears flow down your eyes,
just give me a call:
because I sell tissue papers!

What's the difference between stupid and idiot?
Stupid will delete this joke.
Idiot will forward this joke.
Ha ha, what will you do now?

When you feel sad and alone,
When everyone seem to be leaving you,
when the world seems to be fading away into the mist,
please let me know: I will take you to the eye specialist for a checkup!

Beauty is not based on how you look,
beauty is not based on how you speak,
beauty is not based on your color,
but beauty is based on your inner self.
So please change your inner-wear daily without fail!

No calls from you.
No SMS from you.
No emails from you.
I am really afraid whether,
The Dog Catchers found you again!

Yesterday, today, tomorrow and forever,
there will be one heart always beating for you,
no matter what happens. Do you know whose heart it is?
Your own heart stupid!

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