Thursday, 28 April 2011

கலக்கல் SMS JOKES

Who was the first indian cricketer To Become captain in his first match, score century in the same match and hit a 6 of the last ball to defeat england? He was AAMIR KHAN in LAGAAN It takes 2 to make a marriage
a bride and an anxious mother!

At this very moment; 1 billion people are sleeping, 1 million people are eating, 1000 people are drinking, 100 people are playing and 1 monkey is reading my sms. Q:Y do men like smart women?
A:Rare things r always sought after!!

God thought that since
he couldn’t b everywhere
he made a mother.

Then devil thought that
he couldn’t be everywhere
he made a mother-in-law.

What is the difference between Monkey and Donkey ? Monkey saves this message AND Donkey deletes this message. Choice is yours HAHA The IDEAL man does not smoke,
does not drink, does not flirt,
goes to bed early,
in short ... does not exist!!

It is said that Husband is the head of the family, But Remember that wife is the Neck of the family. & the Neck can turn the Head exactly the way she wants. Friends are like fishes. You have to sit patiently for a long time to catch a good one. Just like I caught you. so better stay nice otherwise I will FRY YOU Marriage is actually a painful
process of finding out just
what kind of man your
wife actually prefers.

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கவிதை வீதி... // சௌந்தர் // said...

ம்... ரசிக்கும் படி இருந்தது...

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