Thursday, 16 July 2009

You left nothing but finger prints

I used to walk in the evenings all alone
Along Embankment and Vauxhall Bridge
You came like an unexpected gift
To hold my hands and to give company

I used to watch alone plays and shows
In the theatres of London’s West End
You came out of nowhere to share
To put your head on my shoulder

I used to dance on my own like a loser
In the ballrooms under flashing lights
You came like an angel to join me
And to put your arms around my hips

I used to sleep in my apartment
You came to make my days into night
And to make my nights into days
We had fun and we had joy

You came like a shadow
When the sun was burning
You came like a fire
When I was shivering in cold

Why did you leave me for no reason?
Why did you change you mind?
Like you change your hair style
You left nothing but finger prints.

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ஐந்திணை said...

தமிழ்மணத்தை இங்கிலீசு மணமா ஆக்கிடீங்களே, தர்மமா?

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