Sunday, 14 December 2008

Are you the Srilankan Army?

Your smile attacking me like shells
Your style blasting me like landmines
Am I an innocent Tamil baby?
Are you the Srilankan Army?

Your stare blowing me up like bombs
Your glare setting me ablaze
Am I an innocent Tamil child?
Are you the Srilankan Air Force?

I am drifting alone in the sea of sorrow
Your reluctance makes me to sink to death
Am I an innocent Indian fisherman?
Are you the Srilankan cruel Navy?

I am looking for you everywhere
You are evading me forever
Am I Indian Indra Radar?
Are you the plan of Tamil Tiger?

When Manmadhan runs out him ammunitions
You replenish him with your beauty to attack me
Am I the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam?
Are you Pakistan or Red China?

I never did anything against you
You ignore me for no reason
Am I freedom fighting movement?
Are you the Unites States of America?

You are ignorance of my woe
Always, you do not care
Am I the Tamils of Eelam?
Are you the Indian government?

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

hey hey wt u hope to do using this .........ah............?
i realy admire ur indipendence but there was sm truble...wt kinnda independeance u need...

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